[Audio] Kid Astray’s ‘No Easy Way Out’



OK, so bear with me a second here. The new single from Norwegian Indie-Popsters Kid Astray does get a bit guitary. I know, I know, but if you can tune out the jingle jangle it’s actually a delicious ElectroPop tune full of a summery spring in it’s step. Mostly though I provided me with my one opportunity to use the phrase “jagged guitars”. This tune has jagged guitars in it! (or maybe not, I’m not really qualified to say).

It’s fun as hell too. No Easy Way Out has an easy-going bounce that is pretty hard to shake off, and the powerful bass and hammered piano more than makes up for it’s six-stringed shortcomings. Sprinkled with the odd 80s synth line, and a vocal you can’t help but sing along to, were pretty sure there’ll be a place in your heart for No Easy Way Out. It’s ripe for a reMixing too!.

♫ Kid Astray – No Easy Way Out

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