[Download] Du Tonc cover Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’



One of the nice things about two talents like MiGHty mOUse and Matt Van Schie working together is that you get a wealth of influences and interests brought to the table. The backgrounds of the Du Tonc members set themselves up for a nice ecclectic mix of tunes that can effortlessly span Nu-Disco and Indie-Electro encompassing the best of both.

As displayed here with their latest offering, a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire. Wielding an easy groove, the twosome deliver a slo-mo Disco churner that was, fittingly, given birth when the song cam on the radio is they drove through Arizona. With chirpy synths and a warm bassline complimenting Matt’s gentle vocal, the track ends up sounding rather cinematic and conjuring up images of the road trip that inspired it.

Du Tonc – I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

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