[Audio] Arc Neon’s ‘Technicolor Workout’


Arc neon

Technicolor Workout is taken from London SynthWaver Arc Neon’s just released new EP of the same name. Arc Neon has always been one of the standout artists in the genre for us, innovative and detail oriented with an authentic, but not copycat, sound. The new EP is a little too liberally sprinkled with rockin’ guitar for our tastes really, some may dig it, but we prefer our 80s inspired electronic music untainted. the title track, however, is a tour de force in British 80s Pop music.

Featuring the vocal stylings of Abbey Bretts, Technicolor Workout burst out of the speakers sounding like it should have been on Top Of The Pops circa 1984. The sweet vocal over popping and squealing synth leads lends the track a smooth energy. Upbeat, but not frantic, it’s a silky but dynamic tune who’s electro tom roll laden drums are pure vintage class. This one’ll have you itching to dance,

♫ Arc Neon (Feat. Abbey Bretts) – Technicolor Workout

Arc Neon’s Technicolor Workout EP is out now.

Buy Arc Neon’s music from:

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