[Audio] Com Truise’s ‘Subsonic’


Com Truise

Following Declination, Ghostly International have posted another track from SynthWaver supreme Com Truise’s forthcoming Wave 1 EP. To our surprise it happens to be Subsonic. Subsonic is a track that first reared it’s head around late 2012, it was featured on Truise’s Komputer Cast Vol. 6 podcast and we’d thought had since been long forgotten. It’s pretty awesome news that we’ll soon be able to pick up the full version of the track.

It’s four and a half minutes of pure Com Truise. Retro futuristic waves of vintage synth sounds. An electronic soundtrack to a dark future melded with shuffling urban rhythms and twisting keys. With one foot in 80s Sci-Fi soundtracks and the other in old school Hip Hop, Truise crafts blissful synthetic soundscapes with an underlying funk. Frankly, all music could sound like this and we’d be pretty happy about it.

♫ Com Truise – Subsonic

Com Truise’ Wave 1 EP is released 18th February 2014.

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