[Audio] Com Truise’s ‘Declination’


Com Truise

We love unexpected surprises, and this week there was a big one in the form of a new tune, and release details from SynthWaver Com Truise. His new EP is due for release in February next year on Ghostly International to be titled Wave 1. The EP will include this track, a collaboration with Joel Ford (from Ejecta and Ford & Lopatin) called Declination.

Declination is a robust slice of Electro Boogie. A lush retro SynthPop track with heaps of vintage electric Soul and a B-Boy vibe. With a killer bassline, swathes of 80s synths, the track is the prefect launch-pad for Ford’s period fitting vocals. The chorus in particular, is just so authentically 80s it’s easy to forget this is a new release. We think it might be because of the hint of Scritti Politti in the vocals, or the synth stabs sitting amongst the punchy bass, or the Labyrinth-soundtrack-like bells. Whatever the reason, Truise is teasing us with another storming release of retro Electro.

♫ Com Truise (Feat. Joel Ford) – Declination

Com Truise’ Wave 1 EP is released 18th February 2014.

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