[Audio] Ceo’s ‘Whorehouse’



Well, we didn’t think we’d be hearing anything new from Swedish Avant-Pop act Ceo (The Tough Alliance’s Eric Berglund) again, he kinda’ went quiet after the release of his début album, White Magic, but here we are with a brand new single, and news of a forthcoming sophomore album titled Wonderland, on Sincerely Yours/Modular. the track’s called Whorehouse, and it;s Poppy, Catchy and hilarious.

Riding over a stomping beat and a cavalcade of blippy synths, Ceo rocks a Beach Boys vibe with his vocal arrangement, keeping things light and Poppy whist he laments that he’s ‘locked inside a whorehouse’. The whole track is a wonderful and playful mix of infectious Pop and an experimental attitude. It’s bouncy, fun and painfully intelligent. A contradiction that we aren’t going to argue with.

♫ Ceo – Whorehouse

Ceo’s Whorehouse is released 2nd December.

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