[Audio] Say Lou Lou’s ‘Beloved’



New Say Lou Lou tracks seem to be coming thick and fast these days. Only last month did we introduce you to the girls new single Better In The Dark, which is release at the end of this month with reMixes from Tiger & Woods, Hygrade and Andrea, and now you can check out the epic B-side, Beloved.

The sisters get their cinematic SynthPop on for this tune. It walks a nice tightrope between it’s optimistic, almost uplifting synths and a deep melancholy in the vocals, making the track a two sided affair, but one that feels lit a narrative complete. Shimmering keys and pounding drums underpin the girls vocal laments. This could have easily been a single in it’s own right, but it makes a stunning B-side.

♫ Say Lou Lou – Beloved

Say Lou Lou’s Better In The Dark is released 25th November.

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