[Download] Joel Hood’s ‘Follow the Fool’


Joel Hood

Joel Hood is a musician from the north of England whose lush Chillwavey ElectroPop has just been snatched up by Sunday Best, who will be releasing his début EP next year. In the meantime Joel has just finished, and released online, a new tune titled Follow The Fool to give you a taster of what to expect from the EP.

Follow The Fool is surprisingly laid back and Tropical for something originating in The North. It’s also peculiarly British, compared to his contemporaries, in a way that we just can’t put out finger on but we love all the same. The track builds a swirling cloud of sound, from the running bassline to haunting snatches of Sax, the track is a multi-layered synthesizer dream that floats over a 90s beat. Add a pinch of hazy vocals and you have five minutes of downtempo, electronic brilliance. just what we needed this week.

Joel Hood – Follow The Fool

Joel Hood’s début EP is due out next year.

Check out more from Joel Hood on SoundCloud.

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