[Audio] Katy B’s ‘5am’ reMixed by Route94



There’s was a lot is speculation as to just who Route94 is. It was apparently a well known Dubstep producer’s House alter-ego, names like Skream and Boddika were tossed around in the past twelve months until it turned out to be Dream, now gone full time as Route94. His latest tune is this storming reMix of Katy B’s infectious new single, 5am.

Reining the energy levels in a little, Route94 takes the tune in a deep and hypnotic direction. With a smooth UK House groove and a shuffling Garage-y beat at it’s core, the track serves up playful synths and ominous basslines as a new futuristic, dystopian, backing for Katy B instantly catchy vocals. We were a bit worried about reMixes of this track not being able to live up to the original, but Route94 has put our fears to rest.

♫ Katy B – 5am (Route94 reMix)

Katy B’s 5am is released 28th October.

Buy Katy B’s music from:

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