[Audio] Katy B’s new single


Kate B

Dance-Bass-Pop singer Katy B’s new single is pure House vibes with a hint of old school rave. What Love Is Made Of follows on from her free Danger EP of late last year and is the first hint we’ve had of the sound of her forthcoming second album, due out in the autumn. Sounds like it could be a storming release.

Building on a groove Chicago core What Love Is Made Of layers a big Rave riff and Katy’s silky vocal in a departure from the more urban sound of her first album. This track is more slick, euphoric, 90s DancePop than Katy’s previous releases. What you are treated to here is an uplifting array of bright synths and driving beats with some incoming hands-in-the-air moments. Possible not destined for the same chart success as her first crop of singles, What Love Is Made Of will definitely strike a chord with lovers of intelligent House-Pop.

♫ Katy B – What Love Is Made Of (Radio Edit)

Katy B’s What Love Is Made Of is released 8th July

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