[Video] Goldroom’s ‘Pacific’


Goldroom   Pacific   YouTube

Pacific was LA Dreamwave OG Goldroom’s contribution to Scion Audio/Visual, Sharkwaves Vol. 2 back in November last year. A Vangelis-esque beach oddessy that has now been captured in video form.

The video does what it says on the tin, there’s lots of the Pacific involved. Beautifully shot and edited, it’s the perfect, relaxing, accompaniment to the tune.

Sharkwaves Vol. 2 is out now.

Buy Goldroom’s music from:

3 comments on “[Video] Goldroom’s ‘Pacific’

  1. Hi there! As with ‘Au revoir Simone – Somebody who’ it is difficult to actually find and buy the songs you post in your blog. When I click on the Amazon or beatport buttons I do get a list of some songs by the artists, but not the actual songs you posted!?

    So: Can you tell me where to buy

    ‘Au revoir Simone – Somebody who’
    ‘Goldroom – Pacific’

    Answer appreciated!

    • Au Revoir Simone – Somebody Who = Not out yet, as stated it is taken from their forthcoming new album, released 23rd September,

      Goldroom – Pacific = Also, as stated, it is taken from the Scion A/V compilation Sharkwaves 2, which is a free download the whereabouts of which are linked to in this very post.. If you click the track title link in this port, the very first word, it’ll take you to our original post on the song which has all the download information.

      • Ah … thought I’m able to preorder.

        Thanks for the hint with that compilation. Maybe I’m irritated by those shop buttons – or the fact that I bought the EP /wave from Let ’em Riot via such a button 😉

        I’ll do my best to recognize where and when to get that fine music!

        Thanks for your quick answer.

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