[MP3] Rich Taste’s ‘Faint In Love’


Rich Taste

Rich Taste are a new duo hailing from the Brooklyn who appear to have formed, recorded a song in a few hours, stuck it on SoundCloud and generally taken some artists who have been doing this for years to school. James and Eva produced their début tune, Faint In Love, in one night, assisted only by a bottle of Scotch. Now that’s how you make music!

Faint In Love is am analog synth heavy Pop tune. utilising much of the same icy sound pallet as Minimal Synth but injecting it with an Italo Disco warmth and an emotional core. Faint In Love reminds us a little of the early material from fellow NYC residents The Golden Filter with a slight Scandinavian twist with it’s spikey, but funky, synth work and swirling beautiful vocals that slip from ethereal to pin sharp effortlessly. Also, the track has a chorus that’ll be stuck in your head all day, which is always a plus.

Rich Taste – Faint In Love

Check out more from Rich Taste on SoundCloud.

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