[Audio] Little Boots’ ‘LBD Edit’ of ‘Motorway’



Little Boots Discotheque is ElectroPop princess Little Boots’ new dancefloor oriented live experience. Basically it’s LB and crew doing the ‘hunched over Ableton thing’, so if you get the chance to catch LBD live expect to be dancing your ass off to live edits and reMixes of Boots’ material. They are headed to Glastonbury this weekend, then the world!

To get a taste of what to expect, Vicky is giving away the LBD Edit of her recent single Motorway. Taking the spacious, Kraftwerkian original, this Edit makes the room even bigger and mixes up Dub and House for a hypnotic, intoxicating (nearly) eight minutes. Interestingly most of the vocals are kept intact (expect live vocals from a LBD performance) and now roll over a ebbing tide of noir beats and enigmatic synths. Bring the strobe lights.

Little Boots – Motorway (Little Boots Discotheque Edit)

Little Boots’ second album, Nocturnes is out now.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:

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