[MP3] Wolf Saga’s ‘Our Time’


Wolf Saga

Here’s Our Time, Canadian Chilly ElectroPopper Wolf Saga’s self-proclaimed summer anthem, and man is it summery! It;s probably Wolf Sags most upbeat tune to day, and not only is it full of sunshine goodness, but also sees the man picking up the mic alongside the keyboard. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Prepare for some blissful, laid back vibes with Our Time, as wolf Saga takes the first half of the track to ease you into some nothing-but-good-times SynthPop. Bouncy and quirky, the synths dance around the tune, playfully trailing their melodies when they do as the man himself gently croons summertime advice. About mid-way in the track the solo kicks in, and it’s such a soaring, epic, slice of synthesizer love that the tune takes on a whole new, cosmic, groove. This one’s for fun in the sun.

Wolf Saga – Our Time

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