[Audio] Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Vocal’


Pet Shop Boys

Vocal is the second full track to see daylight from SynthPop legends Pet Shop Boys’ highly anticipated forthcoming new album, Electric. The Stuart Price produced LP will be the duo’s thirteenth studio album and from all accounts eschews your usual PSB ballad tracks for a short, sweet, collection of dance tracks.

What we’ve heard so far from the album has been pretty modern Italo sounding. No so with Vocal, this drags Pet Shop Boys SynthPop into Euphoric Trance territory and as such is unsurprisingly being championed by Armin Van Buuren. Neil Tennant’s ode to vocal dance tracks glides over a backing of big stabbing synths and warbling lead lines. Proving once and for all the Pet Shop Boys can still crank out a blistering, relevant, Pop song, Vocal is a fine precursor to the album. reMixes are on their way.

♫ Pet Shop Boys – Vocal

Pet Shop Bot’s Electric album is due out in 15th July. Vocal is available from today.

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