[MP3] A.A. Wallace’s ‘(disambiguation)’



A few weeks ago we featured Nova Scotian Chillwave Popster A.A. Wallace and his track Temporal Suspension, a glitchy but soulful slice of Bedroom Pop. this week sees the release of the man’s début album, irritatingly titled (disambiguation). Yes, we know people who use symbols in titles obviously don’t want potential fans to be able to search for their music in online stores, but pretentious moniker aside if you get into the meat of the release, the music, you’ll find something well worth your time and eight tracks that will lift your day.

A.A. Wallace taking in a varied and ecclectic collection of reference point in his journey though (disambiguation), from R&B to SynthWave to Indie-Electro to Ambient, with a feel for both emotional resonance and a Disco groove, Wallace turns each mood to his advantage. The album opens with Offline, a strong tack to lead with. Catchy and optimistic it shows off his skills with both hazy atmosphere and a dancefloor hook combined and is followed by one of the albums two instrumental moments, the haunting Post Mortem Depression. Feels To Real lays on some 80s soul vibes which get churned up with a machine beat and arpeggios. the abrasive second instrumental Complaining About Airports leads into the blissful Chillwave R&B piano ballad Do What You Wunt and the aforementioned, anthemic, Temporal Suspension. The Indie Disco of Lipstick And Stethoscopes makes one of the albums sing-a-long high points, driven by a compelling, summery beat, Lipstick And Stethoscopes revels in distant guitar and frantic Italo arpeggios to power the track along, allowing it’s accessible vocals to flow over the top. The album plays out on We Can Heal, an easy piano groove leading into a lush mid-80s Pop track that could easily be the next single with it’s warm beats and themes or reinvention. (disambiguation) is a confident and solid début that is, frankly, a joy to listen to and is definitely worth your time.

♫ A.A. Wallace – Lipstick And Stethoscopes

♫ A.A. Wallace – Offline

♫ A.A. Wallace – This Can Heal

A.A. Wallace – Temporal Suspension

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