[Audio] A.A. Wallace’s ‘Temporal Suspension’


A.A. Wallace

A.A. Wallace hails from Halifax, Canada and having moved on from being in Garage Rock band Sleepless Nights, he’s turned his hand to ecclectic ElectroPop. Having dropped a load of tracks online, he about to release his début album, to be titled Disambiguation, and ahead of it unleashes the records lead single, Temporal Suspension.

Laden with glitchy beats, quirky organ and impassioned vocals, Temporal Suspension, comes across like a more BedroomPop Passion Pit. It’s a track that manages to walk the line between anthemic and introspective and has so much quirk and personality amongst it’s toy-town synths and distorted laments, it;s hard not to get drawn into it.

♫ A.A. Wallace – Temporal Suspension

A.A. Wallace’s Disambiguation is released 6th May via Arcadian Embassy.

Check out more from A.A. Wallace on SoundCloud.

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