[MP3] Vanbot’s new single



Good news everyone! Sweden’s finest Vanbot is back with a brand new single. We’ve been dying to post When My Heart Breaks since it broke ground last week, but until now it’s been a Spotify exclusive. Leaving the argument about making it exclusive on such a platform being damaging to a release campaign aside, we’ve very pleased it’s now available to buy, and to play to you lot. It was worth the wait.

Following on from January’s Hold This Moment, When My Heart Breaks is a huge, infectious slick of Scandinavian ElectroPop brilliance. Powerful and majestic as Ester cries out against a back drop of massive synths and pounding drums. It’s been a while singe Vanbot’s début (and amazing) self-titled album, and you can hear in When My Heart Breaks that she’s been honing her craft making us more excited for her next long player than ever. Pretty flawless ElectroPop. Sweden nails it again.

Vanbot – When My Heart Breaks

Vanbot’s When My Heart Breaks is out now.

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