[MP3] Moonlight Matters remixes Goose



We first featured Belgian Electro-Rockers Goose back in 2010. Now we have an excuse to again as fellow Belgian producer, and one of our favourite artists of recent years Moonlight Matters has reMixes their new single, Real.

Working with something other than your usual dance track has given Moonlight Matters free reign to try something a bit different. Anyone expecting Seba’s usual early 90s Pop-House anthem might be disappointed, but come to the track with an open mind and you’ll be delivered a satisfying, involving tune. A majestic slab of synthesizer Pop with a militaristic feel, it’s a reMix that commands your attention with trumpeting stabs and rolling beats that serve the call-to-arms vocals perfectly. Industrial Disco anyone?

Goose – Real (Moonlight Matters reMix)

Goose’s new album, Control Control Control, is released 14th April.

Buy Goose’s music from:


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