[MP3] Let Em Riot reMixed by Arcade High

03 Let Em Riot Band Shot 01

Pittsburgh SynthWaver Arcade High, who you may remember making our top twenty songs of 2012 in the last electronic rumors Awards had delivered this sweet reMix of our very own Let Em Riot. Let Em Riot’s Say What You Need To Say first appeared on a SynthWave compilation a few months ago and caused quite a stir, immediately attracting a ton of attention for the album.

Arcade High’s take on the track is a beautiful whirlwind of dreamy synths and vintage drums. Using Let Em Riot’s vocals to their fullest, Arcade High wraps them in a star-field of sparking synths. Driving and gloriously nostalgic, Arcade High’s reMix just proves what we already knew, when Ryan Boosel works with vocals, special things happen.

Let Em Riot – Say What You Need To Say (Arcade High reMix)

Buy Let Em Riot’s music from:

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