[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Stages’

Mitch Murder

Swedish SynthWave master Mitch Murder is getting his groove on, his 80s groove, with his latest offering, Stages. We’re pretty steadily getting about a track a month from Mitch, it’s like being in some awesome music subscription club. We know he’s got a lot of cool stuff coming up, so we’re not sure how long the regular new track schedule will hold up, but for now let’s just enjoy.

Stages is a blindingly funky piece of soundtrack work. Remember how around 1985-86 everyone was rocking the fast-fingered digital basslines in American movies? Well this is that, done with style. The rapid-fire, percussive, FM bassline drives the track ever onward on a journey where the twisting leads feel like passengers. Chirping out their melodic narrative as they flow on top the bassline. Weaving just the right amount of Pop-Funk into his soundtrack style, Mitch delivers both a story, and a pretty infectious dancefloor track too. Also, nice bit of Macross artwork.

♫ Mitch Murder – Stages

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