[MP3] Alison Valentine’s ‘Warm Winter’s Day’

Alison Valentine

You may remember New York songstress Alison Valentine from her track Peanut Butter, and Moon Boots stunning reMix of it. She’s back this month with a new single, Warm Winter’s Day, and this looks like the one to gain the talented singer the wider attention she deserves.

Warm Winter’s Day, is a perfect example of inviting R&B flavoured ElectroPop. Imbued with that Chillwavey air so often found in New York’s ElectroPop output, reverby beats and toy town synths dance playfully about the track while Alison provides an intimate, personal performance. This would have made an awesome X-Mas single, but a month later it still delivers a warming electronic cheer.

Alison Valentine – Warm Winter’s Day

Alison Valentine’s Warm Winter’s Day is out now.

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