[MP3] Jupiter reMixes Lafayette


Just two days after their crazy good Yan Wagner reMix, Amazing French DiscoPop duo Jupiter are back with another four and a half minutes of quirky, electronic, grooves. This time it’s in the form of a reMix for fellow French act Lafayette , and his track Mauvaise Mine.

This is all about the most infectious synth bassline you’ll have heard in a while. The bassline bounced along, powering the track like a rubber engine, it’s elastic core funking it;s way into your heart. Add to this a wash of bright snyths and wicked Disco licks and you have another killer tune from Jupiter, who are on such a roll these last twelve months we can’t help but wonder if they can really so no wrong?

Lafayette (Feat. Liza Manili) – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter reMix)

You can pick up the EP on Bandcamp now.

Buy Lafayette’s music from:



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