[Audio] Billie Ray Martin & Hard Ton


Here’s a new gem from one of the best voices in the business, the legendary Billie Ray Martin. She’s teamed up once again with Italian Pop-House producers Hard Ton to drop a track that is as rich as it is funky. Deep house grooves and massive vocals, that’s what you should be expecting.

Marilyn uses a Deep House vibe to deliver some atmospheric, dramatic synth work set to a classic late 80s House bassline and Roland rim-shots. Always enveloping, never too overstated, the track provides a hypnotic and subtle backing for some huge, theatrical vocal performances. Loaded with classy, and intricate, synth elements and a nostalgic Chicago undercurrent, Marilyn is timeless House.

♫ Hard Ton (Feat. Billie Ray Martin) – Marilyn

Marilyn is taken from the Time To Jack EP, out now.

Buy Hard Ton’s music from:


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