Bandit’s ‘Timocracy’ EP


Although Timocracy is French producer Bandit’s début EP, the House wonder has quite a history of acclaim. Appearing in a Tusgi Sampler in 2008 alongside being selected by Ed Banger head honcho Busy P for his Trax Magazine French Touch 3.0 compilation where he described Bandit’s music as an expression of “Emotion and Victory”.

With a similar endgame to Monsieur Adi, Bandit’s goal is to marry classical and dance music. A feat that’s a tall order, sure you can just arpeggiate a MIDIfile of a classical song and you’ve got yourself a Trance hit, but to really orchestrate something rich and full of depth and make it a floor filler too is something reserved of the more musically gifted of producers. For the most part Bandit pulls it off, with style. The EP’s opener, Quattuor, shows how he can bring both a complex musicality and a storming peak-time tune to the table and presents a harder companion to the track that follows it, Hills. A piano lead track that combines a multitude of melodic elements into one intricate dance track. Once the EP has hit it’s stride it delivers tune after tune of rousing hands-in-the-air floorfillers that prize musical talent and songwriting skill over cheap dance music tricks. The EP’s finale, Danze, is a truly euphoric outro, life the EP to it;s climax in loud, majestic style.

♫ Bandit – Hills

♫ Bandit – Quattuor

♫ Bandit – Danze

Bandit’s Timocracy EP is out now.

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