Ride The Universe’s ‘Silky Way Galaxy’

Ride The Universe

Not long now! In ten days galaxy conquering Dreamwave supergroup Ride The Universe unleash their début original single via electronic rumors. Featuring Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight, A Little Better has been a staple of all good Nu-Disco DJs  crates for most of the summer and 5th November sees the track getting a remastered release with a whole host of reMixes that have been premièring on some of the internets top sites this week. We’ve had versions from Frankmusik, Pat Lok, Dublin Aunts, Auxiliary Tha Masterfader and Melee premiere this week. It’s a massive package!

But that’s not all! Oh no. Also on the single you will find the second Ride The Universe original. Which we are going to premiere right here, right now. Because it’s our record label and we can do that sort of thing. So here it is. Full-on cosmic Boogie. Buck Rogers beats and shiny jumpsuits are mandatory. This is Silky Way Galaxy.

♫ Ride The Universe – Silky Way Galaxy

Ride the Universe’s A Little Better single is released 5th November as a Juno exclusive, 19th November elsewhere via electronic rumors.

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