[Audio] The Presets reMixed by Lifelike

The Presets

Promises was definitely one of the highlights of The Presets’ under promoted, and underrated, comeback album Pacifica and with the single release we’re definitely getting a better crop of reMix talent that the previous couple of singles from these guys. First up there was Plastic Plates’ awesome mix, now comes Lifelike fresh from the release of Don’t Stop with A-Trak, to take a crack at the track.

Lifelike? reMixing The Presets? Tonight are we going to party like it;s 2008? Indeed we are, this tune is both classic Lifelike and classic The Presets. It’s like This Boy’s In Love (Lifelike reMix) part 2, and that’s an amazing thing! A bit slower, a bit more funky than Lifelike’s frantic arpeggio fuelled The Presets reMix, but the same vibe shines though. The vocals in this track are pretty epic, a true gift for any producer who specialises in massive dancefloor tunes, such as Lifelike, which is handy. Punchy digital bass, solid beats, a swell of sparking synths that wrap around the chorus, all classic Lifelike sounding. Needless to say, this tune is very good.

♫ The Presets – Promises (Lifelike reMix)

The Presets’ Promises is released 7th December on Modular Recordings.

Buy The Presets’ music from:

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