Ruben & Ra reMix Roxy Music


Kings of the retro edit Ruben & Ra are at it again. These guys have a knack of taking sections of tracks and making them sound like they were recorded yesterday. they certainly turn up the heat on Roxy Music’s Don’t Stop The Dance and make it stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this summer’s Tropical hits.

The song is pretty groovy to begin with, but Ruben & Ra add a punchy drum track and  focus all their attention onto, what now becomes, the prefect beach Disco riff. In Ruben & Ra’s hands a dreamy mid-‘80’s Pop track becomes the perfect accompaniment to lounging by the pool. It’s all about the good times. Of course, the is a downside, and that is that Don’t Stop The Dance is actually a Bryan Ferry song, not a Roxy Music song, but at this relaxed point it’s just semantics.

Roxy Music – Don’t Stop The Dance (Ruben & Ra’s Cosmic Dance Edit)

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