Todd Terje reMixes Hot Chip

Hot Chip

Norwegian Disco-House genius Todd Terje’s reMix of Hot Chip’s new single How Do You Do is just stunning. Mr. Terje’s has released some of the best track of the last six months, but he’s really outdone himself here. It’s nine minutes long, and not a second of it is anything less than brilliant.

A reMix this length gives Terje room to breath and slowly whip any dancefloor up into a frenzy. Using the original subtly, this reMix  eases you into the groove with some shuffling 909 drums and hypnotic and evolving Sci-Fi analog synths. Gently rising sparkles and synth stabs (which from not on I will be calling the stabs of anticipation) let you know something is coming, but Todd takes his time to get there, enforcing a deep electronic Funk before laying down a massive breakdown. When that kicks back in, there’s no going back, you are locked in.

♫ Hot Chip –  How Do You Do (Todd Terje reMix)

Hot Chip’s How Do You Do is out now.

Buy Hot Chip’s music from:

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