Housquare’s ‘Rubis’


Here’s the latest in French outfit Housquare’s continuing quest to bring the ‘90’s back right in-your-face. Now on Cheap Thrills Housquare have an even larger platform for their unapologetically Chicago House sound that they like to mix up with contemporary production.

Their new track, Rubis, serves as a bridge between their Old Gem EP and their forthcoming new release, Subshine, but as a stand alone it sums up everything we love about Housquare perfectly. There’s classic breakbeats, rave stabs, House piano, and that kind of dark ominous undertone to the track that all the best early ‘90’s House tunes had. Housquare has the early ‘80’s House sound down pat, there’s actually few who do it better.

Housquare – Rubis (Original Mix)

Housquare’s Subshine EP is released 30th September.

Buy Housquare’s music from:


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