Rimeroni Vumani, Rimmer London and now Rimmer Veeman. Rimeroni, one third of Lé Lé, is a man of many names. Veeman comes into play in his new project Comtron. Alongside Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (himself a musical chameleon, here going under Bas Bron, probably best knows as Seymour Bits) Veeman has just released an album of analog Electro goodness. Rimmer London has always been a favourite of ours, a pioneer of the analog Disco sound, so we’re expecting great things from Comtron.

Comtron’s 099 album is a space age, synthetic, oddessy that walks the thin line between Moroder Disco and Electro Funk, with just a hint of old school EBM and Acid. Robotic, synthetic, Funk prevails throughout the album. The B-Boy beats, pulsating basslines and stabbing House-like synth riffs are relentless in every track, from the frantic warehouse vibe of Get to the surprise KMFDM-esque growl of Corrupted. The albums standouts have to be Fraud, an epic slice of galactic Disco that pairs dark Boogie beats with a cosmic lead line for a unexpectedly euphoric result. Bust, which layers classic House hooks over a brooding, burbling Electro groove and ignites comparisons to Warp Records’ very early output. And ¥€$, the records opener. ¥€$ is definitely the track to get you hooked, both majestic and some how stripped down and raw, this is analog Disco at it’s best. Pure synths. If you like robotic sounding Disco or old school Electro, Comtron’s new release is really worth a look.

Comtron – Fraud

♫ Comtron – Bust

♫ Comtron – ¥€$

099 is out now.

Buy Comtron’s music from:


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