Com Truise’s ‘Chemical Legs’

Com Truise

Every Monday this summer Adult Swim have been giving away free singles. The likes of Flying Lotus, Wye Oak and Wavves have all contributed tracks so far.This week’s free release caught our attention, coming from one of our favourite producers, New Jersey SynthWave master Com Truise.

Mr. Truise’s Adult Swim single is Chemical Legs, a glitchy slice of retro robo-Funk that feature, for the first time, the vocal stylings of Com himself, albeit heavily vocoded for most of it. There is a chorus of the man singing though, he does quite a good job too.. It’s a twisted slice of electronica, Com’s trademark abrasive basslines and lush Sci-Fi synths sounding more staggered and fast attack arpeggiated than ever. But this isn’t a frantic a track as it sounds, it’s got quite a smooth, admittedly dark future, vibe.

Com Truise – Chemical Legs

Com Truise’s In Decay is out now.

Buy Com Truise’s music from:

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