Nude Disco reMixes Stretch


Stretch, the latest alter ego of Stretch & Vern/Sucker DJ’s main man Stretch Silvester, is about to release his début single on his brand new imprint Bring Back The Future. Enjoy What You Do heavily samples Wham!’s 1982 début single Wham Rap. The ever awesome Nude Disco have taken up the reMixing reins and turned in a heavy Disco-House version of the track.

Adding a much more pumping beat and a booming Italo bassline, Nude Disc beef up the track 200%, opening it up the sparse original to drilling lazergun synth hits and shimmering lead lines. Using the Wham! tracks chorus a lot more than the Original mix, both vocoded and not, Nude Disco blends the familiar refrain with some seriously uplifting solos. Pure dancefloor gold.

♫ Stretch – Enjoy What You Do (Nude Disco reMix)

Check out more from Stretch on SoundCloud.

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