Pilotpriest’s retro collection


Amazing Canadian producer of the finest SynthWave soundtracks around Pilotpriest has just released an album of some of his earlier works. The new release, titled Music From 1990-2000 A​.​D. collects twelve older tracks from the man. Older they may be, but that in no way diminishes their quality. Essentially, twelve new tracks from Pilotpriest, yay!

Sure, the production might be a little less sophisticated than his current output. Sure, there’s more of a Lo-Fi experimentalism within. But this just adds to the records charm and differentiates it from Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Whereas that latest album is a cosmic journey through emotion and sound, these twelve tracks feel a lot more urban, a lot more hip. Spread across the entire album is a quirky Electro cool that plays well into both Pilotpriest’s cinematic and more disco sides. Take the collection’s opener, Harmony Gold, it’s got a definite solid analog groove but there is something about the warping synths and toytown drums that give it a bedroom charm. This continues as the album covers a variety of sounds, from the Downtempo of Relieve, the Electro-Indie of Sangalula and Electro-Surf rock (?) of New Man to the Folktronica od Best Served Cold. The album does pick up it’s Disco feet in some places, notably the stabbing, majestic Italo of New Voroder and the robotic groove of Now Sport. And, of course there are times when Pilotpriest gets to flex his orchestration muscles, best seen in Intercessor. All-in-all it’s a very different album to Original Motion Picture Soundtrack one that sees (or saw) Pilotpriest experimenting more freely, maybe as he was heading toward the sound we now love him for.

♫ Pilotpriest – Harmony Gold

♫ Pilotpriest – Intercessor

♫ Pilotpriest – New Voroder

♫ Pilotpriest – Now Sport

Music From 1990-2000 A​.​D.  is out now for the price of whatever you want!

Buy Pilotpriest’s music from:

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