New from Flash Arnold

Flash Arnold

Here’s the latest tune from SynthWave producer Finnish Flash Arnold. After a series of top quality 80’s soundtrack-esque tracks, this new tunes shows a maturity and evolution to his sound.

The Streets Of Metropolis moves Flash Arnold away from the typical SynthWave/Outrun sound an into an entirely Poppier arena. Whilst still holding on to some of Synthases elements, most notably the Italo side of things, The Streets Of Metropolis has more in common with mid-80s Instrumental Pop that it;s night driving peers. Evoking a flavour of the more Poppy Jean Michel-Jarre, or Paul Hardcastle, Flash Arnold’s arpeggiated basslines and big stabbed chords give the track a solid Italo backing with two of our favourite things in the world, Orchestral hits and mind blowing, soaring, synth soloing more than enough icing on the cake. Flash Arnold has just stepped up his game. Pay attention.

♫ Flash Arnold – The Streets Of Metropolis

Check out more from Flash Arnold on SoundCloud.

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