Ace Attack’s ‘Take A Break’


Funketeer Ace Attack has let loose a brand new summery jump up tune. Only a month or so after the release of his reMix collection this French producer is already working and new ways to keep us dancing.

Twisting Mood Funk basslines are the order of the day with Take A Break, the track runs along on them. Herbie Hancock style Jazz Funk synth bass keeps the energy of this track right up, it’s so twisted, so funky that you can’t help but move to it. Add to that a Disco beat, warm synth pads and some wicked, light fingers, lead and solo playing and you’ve got a Disco tune full of summer Funk that’ll worm it’s way into your brain. And stay there. the only downside is a terrible vocal sample (or maybe it’s real vocals? *shudder*), but you can ignore them and just get down to the track itself.

Ace Attack – Take A Break

Check out more from Ace Attack on SoundCloud.

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