Poolside’s new single


The sun is shining, it’s almost the weekend, what better time for LA Indie-Disco dup Poolside to drop a new single. In keeping with the good summer vibes, Scion Audio/Visual are selling the single for the price on an email address. That’s essentially a short run of alphanumeric characters and an ‘@’ symbol, swiftly typed in using your fingers for around 10 seconds, in exchange for two blissful Disco jams that someone worked in a studio for weeks on. Now there’s a bargain!

Only Everything is pure beach party gold. Laid back and loaded with Funk, it’s a track that will hypnotize you with it’s walking bassline. A head nodding instruction that underpins some smooth piano and lazy, hazy vocals that will carry you away like a gently wave. These guys aren’t called Poolside for nothing! The B-side, Take A Chance, adds a ‘70’s Disco vibe and some LFO’d vocoder to the mix to take their ‘daytime Disco’ grooving into the night time. Filip Nikolic & Jeffery Paradise said this about their music “We’re not saying you HAVE to be near a pool to appreciate it, but the glimmering slow-paced daytime disco marries well with leaning back in your chaise to watch others dance in or nearby water. Poolside sounds exactly like what every day would be like in a perfect world; long, warm, lazy and slightly intoxicating.”. Mission definitely accomplished we say.

♫ Poolside – Only Everything

♫ Poolside – Take A Chance

You can download the new single in exchange for an email address here.

Buy Poolside’s music from:


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