What is it with Russia right now? They are cleaning up the SynthWave and of Nu-Disco and claiming it for their own. There is so much stuff to have come out of that part of the world in the past year, and almost all of it is so good it puts much of the rest of the world to shame. Olivaw is next in line. Hailing from Arkhangelsk in northern Russia, Olivaw is quietly making some of the grooviest Outrun you’ll hear in a while.

His latest track, Summer Breeze, is a buzzing, swirling, intoxicating tune. A no-worries nostalgic vibe that carries you along with it, embraced by warm retro synths and buzzing lead lines. Olivaw has got a handle on the Outrun beat perfectly, Italo influenced but not to overpowering, just right to drive the track along. His older tunes include the massive Disco tinged SynthWave of Sleepless Nights, a track that piles on layer after layer of melodic, soloing madness and The Guardians Of Time a punchy classic ‘80’s soundtrack inspired jam, all big beats and rousing synths. In unusual for a new SynthWave artist to hit the ground running in such a slick, polished style, but Olivaw has marked himself as one to watch. The denizens of Russia nail retro synth once more.

Olivaw – Summer Breeze

Olivaw – Sleepless Nights

Olivaw – The Guardians Of Time

Check out more from Olivaw on SoundCloud.

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