The C90s reMix The Egg

The Egg

British Indie-Dance outfit The Egg, of pre-Guetta Walking Away fame,  released their Catch single earlier this month. It’s a nice mix of analog Disco and gangly Indie guitar stuff. The best thing about the single, though, is this reMix from London Disco duo The C90s. Complete flipping the track around, no longer tis there melodic abrasiveness, in it’s place The C90’s bring the smooth…and the cowbell.

Oh yes, it brings the cowbell, gets funky with it, filters some beats and drops a bouncy as hell analog bassline. It’s the prefect Disco combination. The shuffling hats give the rhythm a little twist, and seems to usher the track ever forward. And the point to track is driving toward is the final chorus, whit it’s the uplifting addition of a solo line that carries the track on it’s shoulder to new heights. This isn;t sa summery track in the same was the Tropical masses are, this is a late night, summer in the city, track. Hot urban Disco.

♫ The Egg – Catch (The C90s reMix)

The Egg’s Catch single is out now.

Buy The Egg’s music from:


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