Final DJs’ ‘Just Be Free’

Final DJs

So, this weekend marks the *coughiest* *cough* birthday of Mr. Basti from Germany’s finest SynthWave duo Final DJs. These guys have come so far in the past two years, we’ve been following them since their first productions to where they are now, their Gossip Country EP was massive and generally everything the release is pretty killer.

In celebration of Basti’s birthday, Final DJs have dropped a new tune, and if, like us, you have a soft spot for Michael McDonald’s Sweet Freedom then you’re going to love this. Just Be Free is a big French Touch tune, thick with groove. Heavy with retro synths and warm filtering, this is a tune in the mould of the classics of French House. The perfect synthetic Disco to move dancefloors late into the night and Michael McDonald’s smooth-as-silk vocal is just the icing on the cake, the birthday cake if you will. We suggest you join us in wishing Basti a happy birthday and hoping he has an awesome weekend.

Final DJs – Just Be Free

Final DJs’ Gossip Country out now..

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