Com Truise’s ‘In Decay’


This week SynthWave superstar Com Truise released his interim record In Decay on Ghostly International. We say ‘interim’, as it’s not his next album proper, it’s a collection of rarities that have only been available online in demo form, or not at all. Most of the track come from the pre ‘Cyanide Sisters’ era. While we wait with baited breath for this master of retro synthetics’ new album, this is the perfect way to pass the time.

The album’s opener, the appropriately titled Open, is one of the collection’s standouts and paves the way for a record that despite it’s original, isn’t some group of rough tracks, this is a proper Com Truise album. As skilfully executed and slickly produced as anything you’d expect from the Seth Haley. There’s no-one around really who’s doing SynthWave quite like Com Truise. There’s a lot of atmospheric SynthWave artists right now soundtracking a dystopian future, but there isn’t many producers mixing that up with a real vintage, gritty feel with influences that range from experimental electronica and B-Boy Electro. It’s quite a unique niche in the SynthWave pantheon that Com Truise has carved out for himself. Following Open is the blissful ‘84’ Dreamin’, a laid back, nostalgic, jam driven by heavy LFOs. The album dolls out, in equal portions, heaps of Cosmic Funk with the likes of Controlpop and Smily Cyclops and lush Dreamwave as head on Colorvision and, particularly, Alfa Beach. At times Haley descends into his own dark future world resulting in harsh electronic grooves such as Yxes, but overall the album is washed in those Com Truise right synth tones and soaring leads that we love him for. There’s even a hint of Synth/Post-Punk hybrid in the mix with Dreambender. In Decay does sound like older Com Truise material, but that’s no bad thing, merely a reminder of the Com Truise magic, and all the more reason to eagerly await his next move.

♫ Com Truise – Open

♫ Com Truise – Colorvision

♫ Com Truise – Alfa Beach

♫ Com Truise – Yxes

Com Truise’s In Decay is out now.

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