Pixel Memory

Pixel Memory

Pixel Memory have freaked me out. This San Francisco Electro trio’s email was full of references to ‘Dark SynthPop’ (all caps!), seriously, it’s referenced a few times and on their SoundCloud page too. The thing is, their music seems to be quite optimistic bouncy ElectroPop, I’m not sure when the ‘dark’ comes into it. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s not, it’s really good. I just can’t really find any hint of darkness in their music. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind.

Night Colours, I presume, is their dark opus. What I hear is an almost Balearic ElectroPop epic. Euphoric and chilled. Atmospheric, but not gloomy. Maybe I’m not seeing the darkness because I listen to too much actual melancholic SynthPop, I see the point, there’s lots of sweeping pads and dreamlike vocals, but in reality Night Colors is a sunrise epic. A superbly crafted slice of hazy ElectroPop bliss with a slight Italo influence and a thin layer of nostalgia. The five tracks that will make up their forthcoming début EP were o-produced with Mark Pistel of Hercules And Love Affair, which includes Night Colours as well as Guardian. OK, so Guardian is slightly more Gothy in the vocal department, but that’s pretty much counteracted by the pumping beats and chainsaw Electro riffs. Again, I can kinda; see the point, why it’s apparently ‘dark’, but it just doesn’t feel ‘dark’ to me. Sure there is big ominous chords and ethereal vocals, but it’s far too funky to every be ‘dark’, the lead far to complex and exciting, the bassline far too classic Hip Hop. In short, Pixel Memory don’t make the ‘Dark SynthPop’, they claim to. what they do make, however, is top quality, intelligent, interesting ElectroPop tunes. Highly recommended listening, just don’t expect to be slashing your wrists to it.

Pixel Memory – Night Colors

Pixel Memory – Guardian

Pixel Memory’s début EP is released later this summer.

Buy Pixel Memory’s music from:

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