LeBron’s début single


Out this week on Le Touch is the début single from Mexican producer LeBron. It’s the première release for both the label and the artist, which is a lot of pressure. You’re first releases, as either producer or imprint, should be a manifesto. Your declaration to the world that this is what you’re about. So what can we make of LeBron and Le Touch.

Electric Boogie is a pulsating synthetic Disco stomper. Employing a few Dub techniques amongst the hypnotic analog groove  allows the track to spin and evolve whist keeping you lock into it’s mesmerising hook. Deep and funky, this is a squelchy electronic Disco tune to loose yourself in. reMixes come correct from Monsieur Van Prett and this take on the track from Colombian DJ Icarus!, who gives the track an extra dancefloor boost. In Icarus!’s hands the track morphs from a slick groover to a club stomper. An impressive début, I think we can safely assume where Le Touch are going with this.

LeBron – Electric Boogie (Original Mix)

LeBron – Electric Boogie (Icarus! reMix)

Le Bron’s Electric Boogie is out now, for free, grab it here.

Check out more from LeBron on SoundCloud.

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