CHEW LiPS’ new single


A couple of weeks ago I caught Indie-ElectroPop outfit CHEW LiPS live for the umpteenth time where they played a selection of upcoming unreleased material. One track, I assumed was called ‘Don’t Stop’, sounded particularly like single material to my ears. So convinced was I that I asked James about it and he confirmed that it was the next single and was, in fact, called Hurricane. Before you jump in with “cool story, bro”, a couple of weeks later here it is.

Hurricane, CHEW LiPS second single from heir forthcoming sophomore album, is a lot more accessible Pop than the previous Do You Chew?, but that doesn’t mean CHEW LiPS new found grit is nowhere to be found, it’s their loaded into the verses. It makes way, though, for shimmering, catchy DiscoPop in the huge choruses. It’s a combination of sounds we’re really loving, Tigs and James have somehow managed to take some quite harsh, almost Industrial elements and make them sound like the slickest Pop. It;s amazing. If Do You Chew? had us excited for CHEW LiPS return, Hurricane has us excited for the album’s release.

♫ CHEW LiPS – Hurricane (Radio Edit)

Hurricane is released 3rd September

Buy CHEW LiPS’ music from:

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