Noosa’s new single


It was all the way back in the good old days of February, that we first wrote about New York DreamPop outfit Noosa. Things were all so much more innocent back then. They’ve got a new single incoming, let see how it stack up in these troubled times of July.

Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko bring the total sunshine groove with them for Heartache. Big, full, synth sounds effortlessly glide out mesmerizing, nostalgic, riffs with a summery buzz. Heartache exists at the point where LA Dreamwave style Disco and proper ElectroPop meet and Sky’s understated, sweet vocals (whit what sounds like an almost Irish twang to them) shimmer over the top sounds optimistic despite subject matter. Heartache is ElectroPop joy, you need this in your life.

♫ Noosa – Heartache

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