Mitch Murder’s ‘Daybreak’

Mitch Murder

Hot on the heels of his recent MARS EP, which was hot on the heels of his awesome Current Events album, comes this new hot track from SynthWave legend (Yes. I said legend. What?) Mitch Murder. All that being hot on the heels stuff must be pretty hard to keep up with, but Mr. Murder keeps releasing tune after tune that literally blows 95% of his peers out of the water. When Mitch drops a new SynthWave track, it;s in a totally different ballpark.

Daybreak is his latest offering, captures the good vibes of Tropical Disco and the sunrise euphoria of Balearic House, takes those feelings and applies them to his deeply musical SynthWave. The ability to conjure a mood in music, and to let that music resonate the mood back to the listener is on of Mitch Murders biggest strengths, and here the man delivers the ambience of sunrises, deserted beaches, waves lapping at their shores. Not a place Mitch has taken us to before, but one he handles with effortless perfection. This is synthesizer art, Mitch paint a aural picture for the listener with rich synth textures.

Mitch Murder – Daybreak

Mitch Murder’s MARS’ is out now on his Bandcamp.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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