Lo-Fi-Fnk & Mitzi


Crazy Swedish ElectroPoppers Lo-Fi-Fnk’s new single has been released for free, well, we say free, it actually costs a tweet or a ‘Like’. On one hand that is am amazingly low price to pay for an awesome release, on the other hand getting us to Tweet or ‘Like’ something is becoming a bit of a transparent PR ploy which doesn’t gain real fans, just up stats, which are meaningless. Also, how do we know if we ‘Like’ something before we have it? We know music has always been a numbers game, but the numbers used to have meaning, now it’s just how many people have clicked your ‘Like’ button and then completely forgotten about you. Weird. Anyhoo, luckily, we do like Lo-Fi-Fnk’s new single, it’s easily worth the price.

And it comes with this mix from Australians Mitzi, who bust out their very finest warm bouncy House to add to Lo-Fi-Fnk’s ElectroPop. The result is a confortable feeling track which is pretty anthemic and generally full of feel good vibes. There’s a nice bit of ‘90’s House piano in there, but it’s used a lot more suitably than most tracks around today, which gives it a fuller sound without being overpowering. It;s just good, classic, Pop House. And you can’t say fairer than that.

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Shut The World Out (Mitzi reMix)

You can pick up the whole single for the price of a tweet right here.

Buy Lo-Fi-Fnk’s music from:

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