Bunny Sigler reMixed by Nude Disco and Paul Harris

Bunny Sigler

Vern from London’s Nude Disco and Paul Harris from Dirty Vegas put together this remake of Bunny Sigler 1979 Disco classic ‘By The Way you Dance(I Knew It Was You)’ a couple of years ago, but in light of the recent warmer climate this year they have decided that now is the right time to unleash it on the public.

The original is a proper Disco anthem, all epic strings and squelchy Moog solos, so these two take the track in a different direction. Bringing a Deep, almost Acidic groove to the table. Keeping things relatively stripped down, they crate a hypnotic, funky, soundscape for the vocal line, with it’s clubbing narrative, to inject the melody into the track. Vern and Paul have delivered a track with that spot-on vibe to loose yourself in on the dancefloor.

♫  Bunny Sigler – By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You) (Nude Disco & Paul Harris Remake)

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