Anto Greekson

Anto Greekson

OK, let me just start by sating that, yes I am aware that is the single worst record cover ever made. It’s such a truly terrible peice of misguided marketing that I can’t even bring myself to show you the whole thing. A graphic design and artwork failure so bad that I very nearly didn’t listen to the music at all. But that would have been a mistake, because the music of Greek Swede Anto Greekson is really sublime at times.

Anto makes Electro tunes that swing between full-on bangers and sweet SynthWave tracks. As evidenced on his new EP ‘Fantasy’, his bangers are top quality, EBM tinged cacophonies of chainsaw synths and heavy bass that would kill in any hard Electro set. However, it;s his more melodic peices where Anto really shines. ‘Galaxy’ for example, drops a hard beat and rapid fire Italo basslines, but then layers it with some soaring synth leads that would easily be suited to some futuristic ‘80’s TV show. Still working the buzzsaw sounds, ‘galaxy’ is an altogether more musical offering. As is ‘Naked’, again still in-your-face Electro, but somehow less obnoxious as the more banger-oriented tracks, here there is flying shimmering synth sounds and a sense of melody to the distortion. ‘Streetlights’ is the other standout on the EP, the most Italo of the collection at times sounding, working bit-crunched sounds into a rolling groove and occasionally sounding a bit like Mille. All in all it;s a pretty good début, Anto needs a lot of work on his production (and a new graphic designer!) but this one shows a lot of potentiol, and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him.

♫ Anto Greekson – Galaxy

♫ Anto Greekson – Naked

♫ Anto Greekson – Streetlights

Anto Greekson’s ‘Fantasy’ EP is out now.

Buy Anto Greekson’s music from:


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