Parallels new EP


This week Toronto’s greatest SynthPop export Parallels, released their new EP, Time Will Crawl, as a pre-cursor to the release of their new album ‘XII’. We already checked out the new track ‘Moonlight Desires’, a cover of Canadian artist Gowen. Time for a peak at the rest of the EP.

‘Time Will Tell’, the lead track is am amazing slice of what ElectroPop that rest heavily on Italo roots. Like the best, epic, European ItaloPop in the mid ‘80’s, ‘Time Will Crawl’ flows along on bouncing digital bass and rich synth chords with Holly Dodson’s vocals proving to be both dramatic and uplifting, sweeping across the track taking it to new heights. A wash of stings over the Disco groove just makes it perfect. ‘Time Will Crawl’ really is a stunning track, probably the best thing I have heard from Parallels since ‘Ultralight’, and seeing as how I have loved everything they’ve done that’s really saying something. The final track on the EP is ‘Ritual Dancer’ is unmistakable Parallels and works the contrast between Holly’s sweet vocals and a hard beat and bassline to create a track that is both catchy and edgy. No-one does analog sounding ElectroPop like Parallels, they’ve been away far too long.

♫ Parallels – Time Will Crawl

♫ Parallels – Ritual Dancer

‘Time Will Crawl’ is out now, ‘XII’ is due out 26th June.

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